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Australian migration law is complex. Navigating it requires the application and interpretation of legislation, regulations, government policy and case law, as well as the preparation of compelling submissions and documentary evidence.

At Baraka Lawyers, we are on your side. We are qualified Australian lawyers and Registered
Migration Agents. We give accurate and up to date advice, servicing national, international,
corporate and individual clients. We prepare all types of visa applications and also deal with
health and character issues.

How our immigration agents and lawyers can help:

There are over 100 different Australian visa subclasses, making tackling immigration issues overwhelming and complex.

We are here to help. We can assist you with:

  • Business visas
  • Working visas
  • Student visas
  • Tourist visas
  • Partner visas
  • Merits and Judicial Reviews to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
  • Intervention Requests to the Ministerial Intervention Unit (MIU)
  • Australian Citizenship
  • Health and Character issues

Why choose Baraka Lawyers?

The quality of an application can mean the difference between a grant or refusal. A successful application is more than just box-ticking and filling out forms. A defective application may lead to wasted time and money and unnecessary stress and potentially loss of opportunity.

Migration law intersects with employment law, taxation law, corporate law, family law and criminal law. We are practised in these diverse areas of Australian law, and can identify the potential implications on your immigration application.

We are also experienced in merits review for Australian Courts and Tribunals, Ministerial Intervention requests, and other issues relating to Australian migration law. Whatever may be your personal or business circumstances, we will create a migration strategy to match.

Schedule a consultation with an Australian migration lawyer

At our initial meeting, we will obtain the facts and circumstances of your situation. We will then assess your eligibility and advise you of your visa options. Consultations take 1 hour and can be conducted in-person, skype or face time.

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Fixed Fees

We operate on a fixed fee basis – there are no “hidden charges”

During your initial consultation, you will receive a quote for our professional fees to assist with your migration matter.

The quote is based on the information you provide. Further services may be necessary if there are undisclosed health, character or other issues or changes in circumstances. If this is the case, we will advise you of the hourly rate applicable to the particular task prior to commencing work.

Getting Started

If you would like to discuss your immigration matter or proceed with a visa application through Baraka Lawyers, the first step is to book an immigration consultation.

You will then meet with an experienced immigration advisor who will review your individual circumstances and guide you through the various visa options available to you.

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We’re certain that when you meet with us you’ll feel confident to place your immigration matter in our care.

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