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Baraka Lawyers are qualified Australian lawyers and registered migration agents.

Australian immigration law is highly complex and subject to continual change.

You are not legally required to engage the services of an Australian lawyer or migration agent when preparing your VISA application. You can undertake this independently.

However, the quality of your application can determine the success of your application and mean the difference between a grant or a refusal. It is more than just box ticking and filling out a few forms.

We service national, international, corporate and individual clients.

Globalisation of the world economy and competitive business markets has demanded an increasingly mobile workforce and the sourcing of highly skilled employees from outside Australia.

Baraka Lawyers recognise that immigration is critical to ensuring that businesses have the ability to recruit and transfer employees on a global scale and expand operations throughout the world.

We prepare all types of VISA applications and deal with health and character issues.

We are also experienced in merits review in Australian Courts and Tribunals, Ministerial Intervention requests and all other issues relating to Australian immigration laws.

Baraka Lawyers provide comprehensive expert advice from the outset and deliver professional and personalised services in an economical and time efficient manner.

Why choose Baraka Lawyers?

Migration law is complex, requiring the application and interpretation of legislation, regulations, government policy, case law and the preparation of compelling submissions and documentary evidence to support your application.

It also intersects with other areas of the law, including employment law, taxation law, corporate law, family law and criminal law.

The team at Baraka Lawyers has practised in diverse areas of the law. They can identify potential implications these other areas of the law may have on your application.

It is important to give yourself the best opportunity to enhance the prospects of a successful application. There are many instances where applicants have wasted time, money and endured unnecessary stress in lodging a defective application or faced avoidable legal proceedings in Australian courts and tribunals.

Baraka Lawyers will devise a migration strategy that best suits your circumstances and will keep you informed along the way.

Why choose a Migration Lawyer over a Migration Agent?

Registered Australian immigration lawyers are also Australian migration agents. However, not all Australian migration agents are Australian lawyers.

Both Australian immigration lawyers and Australian migration agents must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and are subject to MARA’s Code of Conduct.

Engaging the services of an Australian immigration lawyer provides you with the following benefits:

1.    Australian immigration lawyers are subject to higher degrees of ethical and professional standards and regulation and supervision than non-lawyer migration agents.

  • Law Institute of Victoria (LIV)
  • Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner
  • Legal Professional Uniform Law Application Act 2014
  • Legal Profession Uniform General Rules 2015

2. Australian immigration lawyers are likely to have undertaken significantly greater legal education and training than non-lawyer migration agents.

A lawyer must undertake a university degree (Bachelor of Laws) followed by supervised practical legal training.

A migration agent is only required to complete one semester of full time study (six months) in order to qualify and no practical training is required.

3. Clients of Australian lawyers can claim legal professional privilege and have the assurance that their lawful communications with their lawyer are confidential (subject to limited exceptions). Clients of migration agents cannot claim that their communications are protected from disclosure.

4. Immigration lawyers must hold a current legal practicing certificate which must be renewed annually. For a renewal the following is required:

  • Current compulsory professional indemnity insurance
  • Completed Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training
  • Accurate trust accounting records

Our Services

At Baraka Lawyers we can assist you with the following applications:

  • Business Visas
  • Working Visas
  • Student Visas
  • Tourist Visas
  • Spousal Visas
  • Merits and Judicial Reviews to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
  • Intervention Requests to the Ministerial Intervention Unit (MIU)
  • Australian Citizenship
  • Health and character issues

There are over 100 different Australian VISA subclasses which can be confusing and overwhelming.

We are certain that when you meet with us you will feel confident to place your immigration matter in our care.

Our initial consultation is usually an hour in length.

At our meeting we will obtain the facts and circumstances of your situation.

We will then assess your eligibility and advise you of your visa options.

Conferences can be conducted in person, by Skype or on Face-time.


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